Pilot - Joe Cowan

C-45 BeechBaby


Listed below are specifications and performance data for the 1939-40-41 (in that order).

Beech "Twin" as powered with 2 "Wasp Jr." SB or SB-2 (R-985) engines rated 400 h.p. at 2000 r.p.m. at 5000 ft. (450 h.p. at 2300 r.p.m. for takeoff).

Length overall 34'3", height overall 9'5"; wingspan 47'8"; wing chord at root 135" and tapered to tip; total wing area 347.5 sq.ft.; airfoil NACA-23000 series.

Wt. empty 4750-5031-5043 lbs.; useful load 2450-2469-2457 lbs. payload with 210 gal. fuel 915-934-922 lbs.; gross wt 7200-7500-7500 lbs..

Max. speed varied from 240 at 5000 ft.; cruising speed (.75 power) varied from 220 at 11,000 fit., landing speed (with flaps) 58-61-61.

Climb 1950-1850 ft. first min. at SL; ser. ceiling to 27,500 ft.; single engine ceiling to 12,000 ft..

Gas cap. normal 210 gal.; gas cap. optional 260 gal.; oil cap. 13 gal..

Cruising range (.60 power) at 12,000 fit. using 43 gal. per hour 1000 miles.

Price normally varied from $54,750 to over $60,000; average price of an AT-11 was $51,000.

(gross wt. for AT-7 was 7850 lbs. with crew of' 5 (a pilot, co-pilot, and 3 navigation students) later raised to 8060 Ibs.

Gross wt. for AT-11 went as high as 8727 lbs.; gross wt for C-45 series varied from 7659 to 8727 lbs.