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C-45 "Beech Baby"


The Mission

The  Freedom  Flight  of  America  is  a  one-time mission  and  part  of  the  final  festivities of the 5Oth, anniversary remembrance period of the  war years.  The  Freedom Flight  of  America is a coast-to-coast flight  commencing  on July 28, 1995 at Long Beach, California, and ending on  August 12 with a fly-by of the Statue of Liberty in  New York City. It is a special tribute towards  our veterans and active service personnel of  this  great  country. This special  tribute to them is an  acknowledgment  of  our  appreciation to all who have served so  that  the  rest of us may live free.

Sponsors of Beech Baby Participating in Freedom Flight America

Mr. Kirk Ellis, Kelley Instruments, Inc. 4131 W. May; Wichita, KS 67209 (316) 945-7171
Leading aviation repair facility of aircraft instruments


Mr. Greg Hiser, Rollins Hudig Hall, Inc. 1995 Midfield Rd.; Wichita, KS 67209 (316) 943-9331
Providing a full line of insurance coverage for general and corporate aviation


Mr. John Savute, Savute's Italian Ristorante 3303 N. Broadway; Wichita, KS 67219 (316) 838-0455
Internationally known Italian restaurant and world famous "Stick & Rudder" club


Mr. Earl Long, Westport Airport 2558 S. Kessler; Wichita, KS 67217 (316) 943-5510
Outstanding general aviation maintenance facility and leading restoration facility for C-45s and AT-11s


"Beech Baby"
S/N 43-10374
Remanufactured 1953 as C-45H S/N 52-10613

Original USAAF Designation:
Gross Weight:
Useful Load:
Fuel Capacity:
Range at max. power:
Economy cruise:
Maximum Speed:
Approach Speed:
Landing Distance:
 AT-11 "Kansan"
Pratt &: Whitney R-985 Wasp .
450 HP
9,800 Ibs.
3,000 Ibs.
252 U.S. Ga1lons \
5 hrs. at 200 knots, 50 &ph
7 hrs. at 145 knots, 36 &ph

220 Knots / 250 MPH
143 Knots / 165 MPH
  90 Knots / 105 MPH
2,000 ft. at gross weight


  The AT-11 is  an  example  of  private  industry  doing it's  part to  support the defense efforts of the United States. Early during  World  Warn, the U. S. Army  Air  Force  was in need of a readily available  and  easily  maintained  multi-engine  aircraft to  train  all of the members of bomber  crews. The  "Twin Beech"  served  that  function  perfectly.
  Beech Aircraft Company designed an airframe that could be produced with an impressive number of different variations to  serve  different  missions. For  instance, this  particular aircraft was originally manufactured with a glass nose, bomb bay  doors  and  a gunners turret as an AT-11 for use in advanced pilot training as  when as  bombardier and gunner training. Later this aircraft was  remanufactured  to  the C-45  configuration for further duty as an advanced pilot trainer as when as personnel and  supply  transportation roles. It is in this later C-45H configuration  that  the  aircraft  is  presented.

AT-11  S/N 43-10374

This aircraft was not only built in Wichita but has also served at Wichita Municipal Airport which is
now  McConnell  Air  Base. Have  you  served  or  lived  where  "Beech  Baby"  has  served?
Manufactured ID 1943 at Beech Aircraft. WIchIta. Accepted by USAAF 1 March 1944
Oct.   1944 -Midland Army Air Field, Texas                             2528th Base Unit Air Training Command
Mar.  1945 -Perrln Field, Texas                                              2537th Base Unit Air Training Command
June  1946 -Stewart Army Air Field. Georgia                         2002nd Base Unit Air Training Command
Sept.  1946 -Cleveland Municipal Airport, Ohio                       4163rd Base Unit Air Defense Command
July   1947 -Godman Field, Kentucky                                        315th Base Unit Air Defense Command
Oct.   1947 -Cleveland Municipal Airport, Ohio                        4163rd Base Unit Air Defense Command
Dec.  1948 -Cleveland Municipal Airport, Ohio                        224Oth Air Force Reserve Training Center
Aug.  1949 -Cleveland Municipal Airport, Ohio                         2757th Air Base Squadron (AMC)
Dec.  1949 -Cleveland Municipal Airport, Ohio                        224Oth Air Force Reserve Tranning. Center
Oct.   1950 -Grenville AFB, South Carolina                          433rd Troop Carrier Wing Medium (TAC)
July.  1951 -
Grenville AFB, South Carolina                            375th Troop Carrier Wing Medium (TAC)
Dec.  1951 -McCord AFB, Washington                                      62nd Troop Carrier Wing Heavy (TAC)
Apr.  1952 -Larson MB, Washington                                          62nd Troop Carrier Wing Heavy (TAC)
Dec. 1952 -McConnell AFB, Kansas..................................... dropped from the USAF Inventory for reclamation.

       1953 BEECHCRAFT C-45H A/N 52-10613
Jan. -Oct. 1953 -Remanufactured by Beech Aircraft and delivered to USAF as C-45H.
Oct.    1953 -Hamilton AFB, California                                Western Air Defense Force Air Defense Command
Mar.   1955 -Norton AFB, California                                     27th Air Defense Air Defense Command
Sept.  1956 -Paine AFB, Washington                                  326th Fighter Group Air Defense Command
July.   1957 -Paine AFB, Washington                                  326th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Sqdn (ADC)
Jun.    1958 -Oxnard AFB, California                              414th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Sqdn (ADC)
Dec.   1958 -Transferred to Davis-Monthan AFB. Arizona, aircraft declared as excess.
Jan.    1959 -Aircraft dropped from USAF Inventory.

       After its USAF service this aircraft continued to serve the government as a member of the U.S. Forest
       Service air fleet and then as a member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture air fleet.
       " Beech Baby" has had a long history In service to the government and it is our pleasure to share this
       aircraft and its history with you.
Variations of the "Twin Beech" mfg. by Beech Aircraft Company, Wichita, Kansas, for World War II service:
     AT-7                                                        Navigator trainer
     AT-1O                                                     Pilot trainer
     AT-ll and Navy SNB-1                            "Kansan" Bombardier and Gunner Trainer
     C-45 "Expeditor"                                     Pilot trainer, Personnel /supply transport
     F-2                                                          Photo / recon. aircraft
     YC-43 and Navy GB-1                           Executive personnel tranport (or "Admiral's Barge")
     Navy JRB-1                                           Observation / recon. aircraft

       Following the war, Beech Aircraft Company continued production of this design aircraft In a civilian
       version, the Beech D-1S which proved to be a very popular corporate aircraft.